NZ media company MEA launches Omoide Print app in Japan

New Zealand company MEA  launched its photo printing app Omoide Print in Japan, allowing customers to print high-quality photos directly from their phone in only an hour, according to a report by Idealog NZ. The app is a partnership with the 700-store Kitamura photography store chain.

According to the article, MEA director Rod Mcfarlane says the success of the app comes down to the company’s ability to offer scalable technology products and integrated marketing.

“The solutions we offer are defined by our abilities building apps, websites and software coupled with deep expertise in customer acquisition,” he says. “Building technology is just the first step. After that, you need the ability to deliver customers for your clients and partners. That’s what we do, and we’re delighted that Kitamura have joined our network of partners.”

MEA is better known as the developer of the Printicular app.