Photo Finale announces kiosk hardware, updated software sale

Kiosk Sale: New Hardware + Updated Software

The kids are headed back to school and fall is right around the corner… and for retailers, that means it is time to make sure you are prepped and ready for the holiday rush. We’ve got a great deal on new kiosk hardware for you. NOW is the perfect time to upgrade your older Photo Finale or Lucidiom kiosk computers and run the software on a machine that is modern, fast and ready for taking orders. kiosk sale

The hardware offer

We’ll ship you a Windows 10, touch screen computer, loaded up with new APM v10 software. Choose a 23″ for $1,000 or a 27″ for $1,250 (+ shipping). We will transfer an existing, supported license to it, along with all your settings at no extra cost. This offer transfers an active license you already own, but if you want to ADD this kiosk computer to your line-up instead of using it to replace one, add $250 + $50/month, which includes a new software license, support and updates. Please note, card reader is not included. This offer is good until the end of September!

YES, it includes an updated APM version!

APM v10 includes a universal mobile uploader, save-to-USB feature, rush fee, and support for HEIF. More about those features:

  • Universal mobile uploader: This feature allows your users to upload photos from their Apple or Android mobile phones into the kiosk, then order prints and products from those photos. There is no license needed, no cable needed, and no app needed (although we will have a button for this in the next release of your branded iPhone/iPad ordering app). The user types in a website on the phone, selects photos, enters a code to tie the upload to the kiosk they are standing in front of, and photos start appearing on the screen for ordering.
  • Save to USB: A long-requested feature by dealers, this addition will allow users to select photos for digital delivery on a USB stick. Dealer configures USB size, price and other options. Lab 50 feature enables easy USB delivery.
  • Rush fee: Recently added to Photo Finale online, the rush fee allows users to opt to pay extra for speedier service. It will work as it does for the website – you set the name of the service, description and amount. If you have not tried this online, do it this holiday season! We had a number of dealers do very well with it… fees ranged from $2.99 to $20.
  • HEIF: Most commonly pronounced “heef” (although there are alternates out there), HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image File Format and it is the image format Apple will introduce soon in iOS 11. Files will take up less space and be better quality. APM v10 will handle the format, as will the next update of the iPhone app.
Order now for October delivery so you can have your new kiosks well in place for the holiday rush! Ready to order: contact your sales rep or reply to this email.

More Ways to Prep for Holiday Selling Season

  • Upgrade your iPhone app. Is your iPhone app on version 4.0? Upgrade now for $199. Contact your sales rep or order online through myLab. 4.0 offers full creative ordering, Adobe CC editor for prints, as well as all the 4.x updates to come–including HEIF support and the new “upload to kiosk” button. Add it now, get all the 4.x updates automatically.
  • Add a Proofing Gallery site. The perfect way to take orders after your portrait studio sittings or for your pro photographer customers to use for their clients, Proofing Gallery sites are $250 each.
  • Boost your catalog! We have lots of great partners listed on our Marketplace page. Including our newest addition: PhotoHaus in Yakima, Washington, a perfect option for dealers in the western half of the US!
    kiosk sale

    PhotoHaus offers a full selection of calendars, notepads, and all types of cards (flat, accordion, folded, double-sided cards, postcards). Contact Jeff Baumgardner at [email protected] or 509-575-1770. Visit the Marketplace page for the PhotoHaus catalog.