Photoindustrie-Verband (PIV) to hold conference in Frankfurt

On April 18, 2023, the photo and imaging industry will meet in Frankfurt am Main at the invitation of the Photoindustrie-Verband (PIV) to discuss the future of the market. In addition to a well-known speaker line-up, the event offers plenty of time for networking and face-to-face encounters.

The high inflation rate, the threat of gas shortages and the consequences of the war in Ukraine are weighing on companies and consumers alike. Graduate economist Eric Heymann, Director and Senior Economist at Deutsche Bank Research in Frankfurt am Main, will give a detailed economic outlook in his lecture and discuss the opportunities and risks of economic development.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schönmann from the Bavarian Foresight Institute of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt explains how companies can strategically plan their future. Corporate foresight is futurology that is intended to enable companies to create and maintain a high-quality, coherent and appropriate future orientation.

In 2022, the photo and imaging industry was again confronted with a difficult market environment. Haluk Özdemir, Client Success Manager at GfK, will address consumer trends in the trade for technical consumer goods in addition to a current market analysis in order to prepare for the sales of the future.

Spin-off from REWE digital, the company combines fulfillment tools and its platform of the same name tech expertise and retailer DNA in the eFood market. Linda Kuhr, Co-founder and Managing Director, shows how omnichannel fulfillment solutions can contribute to the realization of ship-from-store, click & collect as well as other delivery and pick-up models and ultimately lead to sales increases in retail.

Images created with generative AI tools are no longer a dream of the future. Sven Doelle, Principal Manager Outreach and Principal Technology Evangelist at Adobe Solution Consulting, will look at the world of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and its areas of application in virtual photography. “GenAI” is a term that usually stands for “Generative Artificial Intelligence”. This refers to a class of artificial intelligence (AI) that is capable of generating new things instead of just processing existing data.

Further information on the program and registration documents can be found here on the PIV website: