Sony opens up Creators’ Cloud

Sony Electronics announced the next generation of its Creators’ Cloud platform is now open to end users. This expansion comes after the initial introduction of Creators’ Cloud in September 2022, intended for professional and enterprise users.

The Creators’ Cloud platform includes cloud storage, Ci Media Cloud for collaborative media workflows, and Discover, a platform to discover and connect with peers. The Creators’ Cloud platform, aimed at independent professionals, will soon include Creators’ App, a content transfer application from camera to cloud.

As creators seek to view and share their content efficiently, Creators’ Cloud will enable the transfer of images and videos to the cloud for immediate viewing and sharing. Sony offers 5GB free for any Creators’ Cloud account user and 25GB for owners of select Sony cameras.

Creators’ App will be the successor of Imaging Edge Mobile Plus and will act as an extension of a camera to upload, view, and manage photo and video content shot on select Sony cameras and stored in the cloud. With the upcoming launch of Creators’ App, key features will include:

  • Transfer content from select Sony camera to a smartphone
  • Upload content from the smartphone to Creators’ Cloud
  • View content on the smartphone and in the cloud using the Creators’ App viewer
  • Connect to and control select Sony cameras remotely using the Creators’ App
  • Update camera and settings using the Creators’ App

The cloud storage feature can be used with or without the upcoming Creators’ App. All users can upload photo and video to Creators’ Cloud via Creators’ Cloud website.