PhotoPlus 2021 canceled

PhotoPlus Expo in happier times

PHOTOPLUS Expo, billed as the “largest photo show in America,” has canceled its 2021 edition, which was scheduled for Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Javitz Convention in New York City. Organizers cited COVID-19 concerns and company-imposed travel restrictions:

“The cancellation of the live event is due to developments regarding the ongoing progression of the COVID-19 pandemic and related company-imposed travel restrictions affecting customers’ ability to gather in New York for PHOTOPLUS. While the decision to cancel is a disappointing one, we recognize the extreme demands that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on establishments, and particularly small businesses, in this industry.

It is of the utmost importance to our entire team that we deliver an incredible event experience to our attendees when we are once again able to meet in person. Our team is already laying plans for a revamped and revitalized PHOTOPLUS, all the while bringing back your favorite brands, the energy you expect from a live event, and exciting new elements. When asked about PHOTOPLUS 2021, Show Director Joe Kowalsky stated, ‘The decision to not move forward with a live PHOTOPLUS in 2021 was not an easy decision to make nor one that our team enjoyed making. Bringing together visual storytellers to learn and be inspired is at the core of what our team loves to do.  However, as an optimist, I find a silver lining on every dark cloud.  Looking ahead to 2022, our team is poised to provide greater value to our audience than we ever had before, while being given the opportunity to imagine a new dynamic experience reflective of what visual storytelling is today. So, stay tuned in and be ready, it’s going to be fun!’ “

The organization, owned by Emerald X, is going forward with its new premiere educational platform, PHOTOPLUS Learning Lens. Two live sessions have already been held. Emerald has invested heavily in online learning, with recent acquisitions of The Wedding School platform and Sue Bryce Education/The Portrait Masters.