PIA, GAA to host printing industry mergers and acquisitions symposium

The Printing Industries Alliance (PIA) and the Graphic Arts Association (GAA) are jointly sponsoring the 2020 Printing Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Symposium, March 19, 2020, at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott. For complete details and to register, visit https://pialliance.org/events/printing-industry-mergers-acquisitions-symposium/.

“Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or neither, you likely will be some day, and you need to have the latest information on the M&A front to be prepared for the future,” said Tim Freeman, president, PIA. “That’s exactly the information that will be presented at the 2020 Printing Industry Mergers & Acquisitions Symposium!”

Mergers and acquisitions remain one of the key topics for the Graphic Communications industry, according to the announcement. In an environment where organic growth can be challenging, many companies continue to look for acquisition opportunities that will get them into new markets, expand their geographic footprint, or help them win a new key customer. Additionally, entrepreneurs or private equity are finding printing companies attractive as acquisition targets as well. On the seller side, a sale to the right purchaser at the right time has become a popular exit strategy for many owners, while others utilize a strategic merger to spread expenses across a broader portfolio of customers or services and to achieve much-needed economies of scale.

The following, and more, will be covered during the program:

  • What are the key factors that influence EBITA multiples?
  • What markets are hot — and what are not?
  • What types of transactions are conducted and what are their underlying strategies?
  • How do I build the value of my business and avoid the mistakes that will affect my ability to sell down the road?
  • What is the impact of my technology infrastructure on the value of my business, and how should I phase my investments for optimum valuation and performance?
  • How do buyers and sellers connect and what happens once they do?
  • What are the key business, legal, and insurance issues I need to understand if I am considering buying, selling, or merging?
  • Why is it important to have a succession plan in place and to keep it updated; and what are the most important considerations in developing one?
  • Lessons learned from companies experiencing a sale, merger, or purchase.

“The Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott was chosen as a location for this program because it is easily accessible via air from most of North America as well as by train and auto for attendees located along the Northeast Corridor,” remarked Melissa Jones, president, GAA.

Confirmed presenters include Paul Reilly, Peter Schaffer, Jim Russell, and Tom Williams from New Direction Partners (NDP), mergers and acquisitions firm in the graphic communications industry. New Direction Partners has had a hand in more than 300 mergers and acquisitions in the printing and packaging industries since 1979. Larry Gilroy, president of Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy (GKG), one of the leading insurance consultancies in the Northeast, is slated to present. Additional presentations are planned during this highly interactive symposium, including several panel discussions and ample networking opportunities.