Picsart announces PopSockets, Mediaclip as API partners

Picsart, the digital creation platform, announced API partnerships with PopSockets, the leading maker of expandable phone grips and lifestyle accessories, and Mediaclip, a provider of white-label software to printers, retailers, and e-commerce platforms. Amid growing consumer expectations for creative control, the new partnerships illustrate the diverse applications of Picsart for Developers, serving businesses of various sizes and industries.

“Enterprises today expect more than preset templates and standard design tools — they need creative solutions to attract new customer segments while growing existing ones,” said Greg Shomstein, CRO at Picsart. “Our APIs have established a specialized category for creative tech, opening up new capabilities for e-commerce, web to print, merchandising, advertising services and more. As a trusted API partner for modern platforms such as PopSockets and Mediaclip, we are excited to provide Picsart’s AI-powered services to strengthen their core offerings and meet customers’ creative needs.”

Mediaclip will soon add Picsart’s AI-powered background removal technology into its ‘Designer Hub,’ which is an editing interface used in hundreds of websites worldwide for personalized products. The interface will also offer the platform’s Ultra Upscale and Style Transfer tools, as well as advanced filter capabilities. With these APIs, Mediaclip partners gain access to greater design opportunities, including the ability for customers to create high-quality products from low-resolution photos.

“By integrating Picsart’s Photo Filters, among other creative APIs, we’re integrating trusted capabilities that address overall photo dynamics,” said Marie-Eve Lemieux, Chief Growth Officer at Mediaclip. “This significantly improves both customer satisfaction and conversion for our partners, and makes Picsart a new and exciting component of our Designer interface.”

In the coming months, PopSockets is relaunching its ‘Designed by You product with Picsart’s editing capabilities, offering its customers Photo Filters, Style Transfer, and one-touch Remove Background—a tool that’s being used once every two seconds on the Picsart platform. This will open up endless options for custom phone grips, cases and wallets, inclusive of products within the PopSockets MagSafe collection.

“PopSockets products are used by millions of people worldwide to express personal interests, style and more,” said Justin Fuller, VP of Brand and Digital UX at PopSockets. “We knew we needed to give our customers more creative autonomy, offering a simple customization experience with highly individualized products as a result. Picsart does this best and it’s why they were the only creative platform we wanted to partner with to enhance our custom experience.”

PopSockets and Mediaclip are Picsart’s first major API partners since launching Picsart for Developers earlier this year.