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PicSpotr launches cloud-based business management app for photographers

PicSpotr launched a studio and customer relationship management (CRM) software for professional photographers. PicSpotr says the platform offers “support for solopreneurs, freelance, and small studio photography businesses and has no limits on the number of documents, assets, or workflows you can create.” PicSpotr pricing is $20.21/monthly or $194/annual, a 20% discount. The app supports several different currencies and is used by clients in at least 10 countries.

“I got into photography to take pictures, now I feel like taking pictures is only 10% of what I do,” says Keith Claytor, owner of Time Frozen Photography and CMO, PicSpotr. “Until now, there was no simple service that made it easy for me to manage all of the dynamic aspects of my business – client management, leads, scheduling, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, emails, payments, expenses, and business insights.”

PicSpotr allows photographers to create and to reuse templates for most features including workflow templates enabling users to automate creating and sending emails, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires on a custom schedule. The app also features appointment scheduling allowing photography clients to book mini-sessions and other photoshoots during available time slots.

“To build PicSpotr, we interviewed photographers from all over the world, collected their input, learned how they worked, their creative processes and more importantly, the tools and resources being used to grow and scale their studios,” says Milton Jackson, the company’s founder, and lead developer.


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