Polaroid unifies approach, unveils Polaroid Now camera

Polaroid Now camera features a new autofocus system and longer-lasting battery

During the long, strange trip that has been Polaroid, the brand has weathered bankruptcies, asset sale and branding gimmicks. Now, after 12 years after the Impossible Project revived Polaroid-format instant and three years after rebranding as Polaroid Originals, the company is simply using the “Polaroid” name and has released a new analog instant camera, the Polaroid Now.

Polaroid Now is a point and shoot camera with a new autofocus lens system, longer-lasting battery, accurate flash and more functional camera design. Polaroid also debuted a new film, featuring several hues, from moody blues to warming orange and red frames. Also, the Color i-Type Film – Black Frame Edition will be available for the first time and will become a permanent fixture in the Polaroid product offering.