Printbox partners with Gooten

Enterprise photo products technology company Printbox sp. z o.o announced it has partnered with Gooten Inc.  According to the announcement, the companies “will offer a full technological solution for American businesses eager to conquer the market of personalized products.”

The press release says the partnership “will enable innovative brands to easily access best-in-class tools for developing e-stores with personalized products to scale their business. They will support companies from the first interaction with the customer to order fulfillment through their comprehensive solutions.”

Printbox sp. z o.o. provides a complete white label solution includes e-commerce, a selection of user-friendly editors, the AI-driven Smart Creation, mobile apps, product management and hosting. Printbox partners with customers in over 50 countries on almost every continent. Its servers are located in the USA, Europe and Asia.

In December 2021, the Dead Pixels Society interviewed Kasper Rybak, product owner, Printbox, about the development of Smart Creation, the company’s AI-powered photobook software. Listen below:

Founded in 2015, Gooten Inc. is a technology and service fulfillment company bringing together proprietary technology and operational expertise with a global network of more than 30 manufacturing partners in North America, Europe, and South America.

In February, the Dead Pixels Society interviewed Maddy Alcala, the president of the company, for a podcast episode. Listen below: