Retouch4me announces color matching tool for video

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Retouch4me Color Match OFX

Retouch4me, a leader in AI-based photo editing, introduces its latest software innovation for videography professionals: Retouch4me Color Match OFX. It extracts the color from a user’s reference image or the built-in library and then applies it to the video. By using this neural network-powered plugin, videographers can save time and effort spent on manual video coloring.

Key Features of Retouch4me Color Match OFX:

  • Any image can be loaded as a reference to the plugin, and the video will be adjusted to match its color palette.
  • A user can adjust the impact on brightness and color components, as well as smooth out color correction if it becomes overly detailed and generates visual artifacts.
  • The plugin provides access to an extensive cloud-based library of LUTs (Look-Up Tables) that can be seamlessly combined with color correction based on a reference.
  • Retouch4me Color Match OFX works with any OFX-compatible video editor, including DaVinci Resolve and Sony Vegas.
  • The neural network of the plugin operates offline, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Color correction is achieved with just a few clicks.