Retouch4me introduces a color match plugin for reference-based editing

Retouch4me, a provider of editing software solutions, announces the launch of  the Color Match plugin. Professional photographers and retouchers can use this tool to apply colors from a reference image to their desired image, simplifying the editing process. This software has become a valuable addition to the company’s plugin portfolio. Retouch4me Color Match plugin is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. A free demo version is available. The full version of Retouch4me Color Match is priced at $124.

“When I worked as a photographer, I often received requests from clients to edit a photo ‘like this image.’ In my efforts to achieve the desired color, I even had to create a tool for it: 3D LUT Creator. However, with our Color Match plugin, photographers’ and retouchers’ lives will be much simpler because the AI takes care of the work,” said Oleg Sharonov, Founder and Board Member of Retouch4me & 3D LUT Creator (RELU OÜ). “Throughout the history of painting, artists have explored various color combinations to achieve a harmonious composition or evoke specific emotions. What truly excites me is that our plugin goes beyond simple recoloring. Instead, it accurately transfers the color combination from a reference image to your photograph.”

Key Features of the Retouch4me Color Match Plugin:

  • Apply Color Grading Based on a Reference Image: With Retouch4me Color Match, professional photographers and retouchers can effortlessly add the desired color grading to their photos. The tool analyzes two images and devises a correction that makes the colors of the first image resemble those of the second.
  • Stylize and Organize Colors: Retouch4me Color Match allows tidying up the palette of colors in the images, enabling users to achieve the needed color with any reference image they choose.
  • Spark Creativity: Using the plugin, a user can experiment with diverse creative color variations when seeking to enhance the visual appeal of a photograph.
  • Access to the LUT Cloud: The software provides access to the LUT Cloud, an extensive online library of ready-to-use color presets. Users can choose from a range of free and premium presets or upload their own LUTs to the Cloud. This feature opens up possibilities for customization and creative exploration.
  • Export to LUT: The Retouch4me tool allows users to apply color corrections to videos.
  • Original Image Analysis: The Color Match plugin analyzes the user’s original photo coloring. This ensures that the colors from the reference image fit the initial photo.