Revolutionizing the Photography Industry: GotPhoto’s Acquisition, Digital Transformations, and Future Plans

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Ready for more insights on the cutting-edge of the volume-photography industry? Join Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society for a candid discussion with Benedikt Greifenhofer, CEO of GotPhoto, where he shares the fresh news of GotPhoto’s latest business move: the acquisition of Next Gen Photo Solutions.  The acquisition of Next Gen allows for seamless integration of their services through GotPhoto, plus the company plans to invest in the current Next Gen system to help create an elevated service, providing the photographer with better offerings

Greifenhofer also discusses the strategic advantage of embracing AI and digitization in the photography industry. In the second segment, he discusses how this digital transformation has lowered barriers to entry and increased profitability for photographers. He also discusses the significant impact of COVID-19, examining how companies have adapted to a more digital-focused environment to meet evolving customer expectations.