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RINGFOTO, europafoto plan to become one group

Above, RINGFOTO and europafoto executives: Robert Edel, member of the board; europafoto; Christof Bergmann, CEO, europafoto; Peter Kleiber, member of the board europafoto; Peter Hamer, stellv. head of the board, europafoto; Rainer Lamprechter, stellver. head of the board, RINGFOTO; Andreas Mantey, head of the board, europafoto; Michael Gleich, CEO, RINGFOTO; Dr. Vincent Meyer, member of the board, RINGFOTO; Ralf Duderstadt, member of the board, RINGFOTO; Rainer Th. Schorcht, head of the board, RINGFOTO; Kerstin Sänger, member of the board, europafoto; and Ulrich W. Becker, member of the board, RINGFOTO

After nearly two years of negotiations, RINGFOTO and europafoto have signed a cooperation agreement designed to prepare for wide-ranging cooperation between the two groups.

At the same time, Mr. Christof Bergmann was appointed as the new Managing Director of europafoto.

His extensive experience in corporate management and industry is needed for the successful integration into a new, joint purchasing group.

He takes over the position from Robby Kreft, who led the group for years. He leaves the group by mutual agreement to face a new challenge. Robby Kreft has successfully managed European photography for many years. The board of europafoto thanks him for his achievements over the years.

The two managing directors Christof Bergmann (europafoto) and Michael Gleich (RINGFOTO) are working out a concept in collaboration with lawyers and auditors that safeguards the interests of all shareholders and partners and maximizes all synergy effects.

All negotiations are done among equals and the outcome of the negotiations must ensure a win-win situation for all affected parties.

After successful negotiations, which are expected to take several months, the shareholders of both groups of companies will be able to vote on the contracts drawn up at their respective shareholders’ meetings and thus give their unequivocal vote.

It is intended to seal the correspondingly concluded contracts of cooperation by mid-2019 at the latest and to have them retroactively effective as of 01.01.2019.

The big changes in the photographic industry and the unified representation of the interests of independent photo retailers required in this difficult environment make this one step necessary. Only a strong, state-of-the-art and financially sound photography group can master the future challenges and ensure the survival of the independent photography retailers.


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