SANDMARC launches Prolight Collection for iPhone photography, filmmaking

SANDMARC ProLight RGB and Prolight Bi-Color

SANDMARC launched a compact, powerful and accurate RGB & Bi-Color lighting system for iPhone: Prolight Collection. ​The Prolight RGB provides more than 16 million hues of light, giving a versatile spectrum of colors for photography and filmmaking, the company claims. ​With a color rendering index (CRI) of 96+ and color temperature ranging from 1,000-10,000K, the Prolight RGB produces accurate colors.

​The Prolight Bi-Color provides a brightness power of 1,500 Lux, and providing warm and cool temperature tones and anything in between – perfect as a key light or a fill light. The Prolight Bi-Color provides a color temperature of 3,000-6,500K with a CRI of 95+, giving vivid warm-to-cool tones.

​The Prolight RGB & Bi-Color are compatible with SANDMARC’s existing gear line: SANDMARC Pole – Film Edition and Film Rig.