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Shimoda releases a series of shoulder straps designed specifically for women

Shimoda women’s straps

When a need for a backpack with better-fitting straps was expressed to Shimoda, Founder Ian Millar assembled a development team of female adventure photographers, all early adopters of the Shimoda Bag system who had contributed to the initial Kickstarter campaign. With the help and design insight of Team Shimoda’s Varina Patel, over 35 women participated in the development and testing for this project.

“I’ve had some really good camera bags over the years – but for the first time, my backpack’s harness was made for a woman. A bag that fits perfectly makes a real difference.” – Varina Patel

The final results are two Shoulder Strap styles that provide a different fit based on body type and technical requirements.

The Simple Strap (Available in Standard and Petite sizes)

The standard Simple Strap’s look and function is intentionally simple, with various points to connect accessories and a shape that contours around the chest area in a lightweight and breathable form. This style became a favorite of women with a medium bust and shoulder width.

Petite Simple Strap

After extensive testing and conversations with the team, Shimoda quickly saw a need for a ‘Petite’ size of the Simple Strap as well. The Simple Strap Petite is ideal for women with a small bust and shoulder width.

“The straps have been a game changer for me. They are much more comfortable and supportive, enabling me to happily stay out in the field longer.” – Christina Donadi

The Technical Strap

The Technical Strap, as the name suggests, has features that stay consistent with the original Shimoda shoulder strap design. A mobile phone and stretch-jersey sleeve let you carry devices, water, and accessories so that they are always within reach. This style became a favorite of adventure photographers with a large bust and shoulder width.

All women’s shoulder strap models feature a new dual-sternum strap configuration which contours and fastens around the chest and relieves unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure.

The contoured shapes, positioning of the sternum straps and high-quality materials all compliment the already adjustable torso settings of current Shimoda backpacks. Taken together, the Shimoda system truly provides an exceptionally comfortable and personalized fit.

For more information, contact Ian Millar at ian(at)shimodadesigns(dot)com.

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About Shimoda Designs

Shimoda Designs is an adventure camera bag company designed as a reaction to real-world adventures rather than those imagined from a comfortable office environment. Shimoda Founder Ian Millar is a lifelong explorer, snowboarder and product designer known for developing some of the most innovative camera bags in the world. Shimoda is his new venture (in collaboration with Tenba) and represents the culmination of all his experiences and utilizes the most advanced materials and technologies available to minimize the pain, fatigue and suffering that comes with foul mountain conditions. Shimoda products are a direct reflection and reaction to the outdoor lifestyle that Ian and his adventure photographer friends love so much.

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MAC Group is a sales and marketing company dedicated to supplying photographers, videographers, educators and students with the world’s finest image-making tools as well as support, education and inspiration.


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