SPOA adds Bambee as HR partner

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School Photographers of America (SPOA) announces a partnership with Bambee, a leading U.S. human resources company providing small businesses the ability to simplify human resource management by automating HR tasks and providing a dedicated HR Manager to navigate employee and business compliance complexities. Bambee’s features go beyond essential HR management and payroll processing. Bambee helps businesses comply with HR regulations while maintaining business health and proactively mitigating employee issues.
“We are looking forward to offering SPOA members a discounted rate on Bambee services because HR is an area that many photography and yearbook companies need support and guidance in,” says David Crandall, executive director. “We, as an organization, have tried to put together boilerplate documents. Still, this partnership will be able to offer dedicated, personalized, and expert services to our members that they couldn’t find at a rate anywhere else. We’re excited to realize the incredible value Bambee will bring to our members.”
With the help of a dedicated HR Manager, Bambee will ease HR burdens and help simplify many areas of HR, from employee experience to creating company policies. SPOA member companies can sign up for 50% off the signup fees here.
Bambee will join SPOA’s International Conference for School Photography & Yearbooks in Greenville, NC, July 10-14, to meet business owners and host a four-day training focused on HR topics relating directly to the photography industry.