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Taopix adds Kuwait’s Albumii to international customers News 

Taopix adds Kuwait’s Albumii to international customers

Taopix reports Kuwait City-based photo-book printer Albumii has added its online suite to complement its existing Taopix desktop applications.

According to the announcement, Albumii has rapidly grown its personalised photo business and established itself as the premium brand for high definition photo books, prints, canvases and wall panels in the region.

Albumii Managing Director, Mohammed Amira says, “We don’t have an established photo personalisation market in the middle east so the concept of creating a photo book using your own photos is very new. We’ve therefore dedicated both time and resources in educating our customers about what they can do with their favourite photos.”

“We’ve really focused on digital marketing activities to promote our brand and have found that visual ads on the likes of Snapchat, Facebook and Google have had more impact than adword campaigns. Images of celebrities opening a photo book have really helped to educate and inform our customers. We’ve also sponsored photo competitions and galleries to raise awareness of our products and company.”

“We’re busy working on our new products that we’ll sell through Taopix Online and these will be offered through our website which is currently being redesigned, ready for a launch at the end of December. We’re planning to add personalised mugs and phone cases to our existing range as they are ideal, simple products that can also be viewed in 3D through all the popular browsers.”

Editor’s Note: Once again, an opportunity was missed to launch a photo business as “Kuwait-a-minute Photo.” Tragic.



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