Techart debuts Leica M to Sony E autofocus adaptor

Techart LM-EA9

After 7 years of research & development, Techart has come together with a new Leica M to Sony E autofocus adapter (LM-EA9). It features a more powerful motor, sleeker design, and better autofocus performance, plus bulge-less design creating no obstructions with tripods and other accessories. Four radically positioned, small and light servo motors offers a much stronger support and faster autofocus operation, the company said.. LM-EA9 is offering a completely new experience with all manual lenses.

The LM-EA9 is now compatible with all and the latest Sony E-mount cameras, including but not limited to α6000, α6100, α6300, α6500, α6400, α6600, α7c, α1, α7, α9, α9 II, α7 II, α7 III, α7 IV, α7R, α7R II, α7R III, α7R IV, α7S, α7S II, α7S III.

Techart LM-EA9 is the 2nd generation of the Leica M – Sony E Autofocus Adapter launched 6 years ago. It is a motor-driven adapter that turns manual focus lenses into autofocus. The adapter replaces the focusing mechanism of the lens and through communicating with the Sony cameras, the extendable bayonet will move back and forth to achieve focus.