Thriving in Independent Photo Printing: Secrets to Success with IPI’s Brenda DiVincenzo

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Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talked with Brenda DiVincenzo, vice president of member success, at the IPI Member Network. Listen in as we discuss the importance of IPI’s networking, education, and marketing programs, and how their forum has supported business owners by providing invaluable tips and ideas. Plus, get a sneak peek into the upcoming IPIC event, July 9-13, in Fort Worth, Texas, where members will have the opportunity to network, attend educational sessions, and learn about new market trends and opportunities.

Not only will we explore the exciting change of venue for the IPI event, but we’ll also delve into unique cultural experiences such as a networking dinner at the popular Mexican restaurant Joe T. Garcia’s, and a private event at Billy Bob’s Texas – the largest honky-tonk in the United States. We discuss embracing the culture and charm of Fort Worth and how these memorable experiences will contribute to the growth and learning of attendees.

Finally, we take a deep dive into the Print Refinery licensing model developed by IPI for its members. We will discuss the advantages of co-branding and the personalized assistance provided by IPI’s team. Plus, learn how IPI has helped members transition their businesses into a saleable model and how their marketing solutions program assists members in implementing the knowledge gained from the IPI forum and IPIC conference.