Vani Kumar launches mobile photo editing service, Phixst

Phixst is not on a mission to help create model-like faces or bodies but rather, providing a practical solution. Founder Vani Kumar is adamant about that. Kumar says, “Having dealt with and overcome a personal battle with body image issues (and losing 50 lbs.), I built a platform intentionally around preventing the ability to request unnatural face/body enhancements.”

Everyone, at some point, has experienced taking a bad picture. Pictures on the web are so influential today that managers may make a hiring decision based on what we post. Phixst has found a niche for quick edits ensuring everyone can always put their best photo forward. Examples include gray hair coverage, removing under eye bags, masking untimely blemishes, or even editing out pesky photobombers. While some people have the skill to fix their own photos, many people don’t have that DIY desire or the time to even try. For them, Phixst is the ideal solution.

“There are over 2000 photo editing apps in the market; the learning curve has become very steep. We save our customers time and money by having already done the homework. I’m a stickler for using only the best tools,” says Kumar.

Phixst has magic-makers called Phixsters, who will fix selfies or any photo—most within one hour. There is no monthly fee. Users simply download the app and pay a flat fee for each photo they submit.

The Phixsters do this as a side-gig. They must pass a skills test before Phixst allows them to touch any photos. Phixster Kiera Palmer says, “As an avid traveler, I got pretty good editing my photos. Being able to help others by editing their photos through Phixst, I’m having fun and doing a good deed. The bonus is making money!”

Phixst has received photo editing requests for everything from pets, families, babies, social media posts, dating profiles to small business owners.

About Vani Kumar

Kumar is a fashionista turned techie. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and opened her own women’s clothing store, The Suit Closet, in Los Angeles. After 5 years in business, she left fashion behind and became a self-taught techie in Silicon Valley. Kumar recently left her tech job at an AI software company to work on Phixst full time.

While hard work and imagination are behind Kumar’s success, she did have some good fortune too. In 2006 Kumar won a $286,656 jackpot in Las Vegas.