Vecnos smartphone app creates easily shareable 360-degree images

The new IQUISPIN smartphone app breathes new life into 360 cameras and images! It lets you add automated movement and fun effects to photos taken with any 360-degree camera. The resulting mini-videos can be easily shared over social media.

Vecnos Inc., the company spun out of Ricoh Company, Ltd., launched IQUISPIN, a smartphone app allowing users to easily create and to share one-of-a-kind short videos with automated motion and effects using images taken with any 360-degree camera. IQUISPIN is available free of charge today for iOS and Android devices. The app converts still 360-degree photos into a several-second MP4 motion video clip with small file size for easy sharing on any social media platform, as well as email and text.

The resulting videos are fun, creative and optimized for sharing. The IQUISPIN app provides a selection of various dynamic motion patterns and an array of effects, opening up new opportunities for existing 360-degree images to be enhanced and enjoyed. It is expected to appeal to a younger demographic, especially Millennials and Gen Z.

To create a video, the user chooses an image and selects a pre-created video template consisting of a series of dynamic motions—such as panning around the entire photo, spinning the photo at speed, and shifting from a close-up on a friend and then zooming out to a fixed 360-degree spherical still, commonly referred to as a “tiny planet.” Effects can be applied on top of the moving photo, adding 3D items such as fireworks and cherry blossoms. Next, the edited image is converted to a rectangular short MP4 video and then uploaded to cloud storage or shared directly to another app. It can then be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or YouTube, or sent by email or SMS.

Currently, there are more than 10 types of dynamic motion choices and effects each, including floating soap bubbles, twinkling stars and cherry blossoms flying in the wind. Additional editing options will be added over time.

“Making it easy for 360-degree camera users to share their amazing images on social media in a single click is long overdue. Our pedigree as 360 innovators has enabled us to solve a problem that has challenged the industry and frustrated many owners of 360-degree cameras,” said Shu Ubukata, CEO. “The game-changing IQUISPIN app will allow existing 360-degree camera users to share their images more widely using social channels, as well as encourage a new generation of social media natives to dip their toes in the 360-degree camera market.”

IQUISPIN supports JPEG/Equirectangular Projection Format at an aspect ratio of 1:2. If image size is more than 4096 x 8192, it will be decreased automatically. IQUISPIN runs on Android version 7.0 and iOS version 13.0 and later.

IQUISPIN contest will award 50 new Vecnos cameras to winners

Associated with the IQUISPIN launch, Vecnos has announced the “My First IQUISPIN Contest.” From Aug. 28 through Sept. 28, 2020, users tagging their IQUISPIN images on Instagram will be eligible to win a beautiful, new 360-degree Vecnos camera. Vecnos will award 50 cameras to winners.

The contest is open to residents of Japan, U.S., U.K., France, and Germany.

Here is how to participate:

  • Follow the official IQUISPIN account on Instagram in each region:
    USA, UK, France, and Germany@iquispin
  • Create a mini video using IQUISPIN, and then post it on Instagram
  • When posting, add 2 hashtags (#). One must be #iquispin, and the other can be from any of the following categories:
    • #party – Meals with friends and family, cocktail parties, and other fun and festive events
    • #travel – Moments from memorable, spectacular, adventurous, unusual or inspiring travels
    • #life – Share your unique hobbies, craft projects and other expressions of who you are
    • #pet – I love my pet! – All best friends welcome
    • #art – Everything is art. Anything creative, new or a different angle, unique point of view
    • #newnormal – Document your new/different ways of commuting, ways of working, renewed focus on family, slowing down and being more mindful during and after the COVID-19 pandemic