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Visual 1st brings AI, AR, computational photography and more to light in 14 days!

Visual 1st, the executive conference focused on promoting innovation and partnerships in the photo and video ecosystem, will bring AI, AR, computational photography, and the future of digital cameras to the center stage, Oct. 3-4, at the Golden Gate Club, San Francisco, Calif. The conference offers three key sessions for innovative entrepreneurs and strategic thinkers:

1. Developing and Leveraging Next-Gen AI and AR Consumer Imaging Solutions

AI is already everywhere in imaging, from recognition to enhancement to auto-editing – and of course, there’s much more to come.
In parallel, AR solutions are proliferating at a rapid pace, serving use cases ranging from having lots of fun to being highly productive.
As these two technologies evolve in mutually reinforcing ways, we, as an industry, must take the imaging solutions they enable to the next level of value and profitability, while also keeping things safe, secure and private for our customers – but how?

Speakers: Alon Grinshpoon, echoAR; Alex Tsepko, Skylum; Kevin Guo, Hive; Stephen Nielson, Adobe

2. Pushing the Limits of Computational Photography

Alexander Schiffhauer recently left his role as Technical Advisor to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai to take product management responsibility for the company’s computational photography teams.

Under his leadership, these teams have pioneered innovation on Pixel Camera, leveraging AI and computer vision techniques to create photos unimaginable only a few years ago.

Speaker: Alexander Schiffhauer, Google

Topics we’ll discuss with Alexander include the vision that drives Google’s strategy, some of the processes behind the company’s accomplishments, and his views on the hardware/software debate, including how far AI can take us in improving the customer experience of computational photography.

3. The Camera is Dead – Long Live the Camera

Smartphones are gobbling up the feature gap that separates them from cameras. But how small can that gap really get? Are there camera value propositions that simply can’t be duplicated? And what are camera vendors doing to extend the gap? We’ll explore the consequences for anyone offering photo or video app, cloud or hardware solutions.

Speakers: Robert Pignataro, ZEISS; Suzanne De Silva, Samsung; Erik Bjernulf, Profoto; Jennifer Waicukauski, Looking Glass

Visual 1st Women in Imaging initiative

Spurred by conversations with long-time female Visual 1st attendees, Visual 1st announced the following initiatives:

  1. During registration and prior to the program on the first day of the conference (12:30-1:30 PM on Thursday, Oct. 3) we will serve a meet and greet lunch exclusively for our female attendees in our VIP Speaker room, where they’re invited to network and meet each other. Click here to let us know by Sept. 25 if you’ll be attending, so we’ll have an accurate count when ordering lunch.

  2. To specifically make it possible for female entrepreneurs to attend Visual 1st, we are offering 20 tickets at the nominal price of $69 (90% discount). We are looking for female executives at startups with no more than $1M in annual revenues. To receive a discount code, please contact us with a bit of information about your company.

[Editor’s Note: The Dead Pixels Society is a media partner of Visual 1st]


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