Zumy launches portable light for video calls

Zumy launched its namesake product, a portable light that securely clips to a laptop or monitor to create brilliant lighting for video calls. The light provides personal lighting to brighten and soften your appearance, and is available on Indiegogo for $45 USD ($69 USD retail). Zumy is powered by USB, making it as portable as a laptop. It collapses to the size of a small calculator (3” x 5”) making it easy to throw into a laptop bag and take on the go.

Zumy replicates the effect of a softbox with four levels of lighting adjustment to provide great lighting in any environment.

“We really feel this is the best video meeting light ever designed,” says Mike Drez, founder. “I lost my business due to the pandemic, and I wanted to find a way to help others adapt to the new post-pandemic reality. I felt video meetings were lacking communication and human connection. I realized good lighting could really help connect others during these times.”

Zumy light clips to a laptop or monitor

“We found that other lighting solutions, like ring lights, are either not portable, are expensive or are designed for professional photographers and therefore complicated to use,” said Tark Abed, product designer, Zumy. “Zumy is designed for everyone, an easy way to boost lighting for business calls, interviews, teaching, and telehealth, where making a connection is key.”