A-SUB launches new DTF products

A-Sub DTF powder

Chinese heat transfer printing manufacturer  A-sub launched a series of Direct to Film (DTF) products, including DTF transfer film, DTF ink, and printing equipment. The company said the A-sub R&D department conducted a series of professional tests on the various properties of DTF, including the saturation of the transfer pattern, whether there is anti-oil and so on. The company claims the saturation of the transferred pattern is higher than that of other DTF transfer films on the market.

Differences between DTF and DTG

The pattern saturation transferred by DTF is comparable to that of Direct to Garment (DTG), according to A-sub, but the price of DTF is lower, and it is also easy to convert traditional inkjet printers into DTF printers. DTF also solves the limitation of DTG printing materials. DTF can be applied to a wide range of materials, including various dark and light-colored canvas, cotton T, sweatshirts, denim, nylon and other textile materials, which can be transferred to provide customized product printing. Therefore, the use of DTF for digital printing allows more space in not only design, but also more products that can be printed.

DTG is printed on clothing, while DTF is transferred on clothing through DTF Film with a heat press. DTG is suitable for cotton fabrics, and DTF is suitable for any surface.