Analysis: The potential of AR for printed photo products

Hans Hartman at Suite 48 Analytics wrote an interesting analysis of the opportunity for printed products with augmented reality (AR) enhancements.

“Fresh from our presentation at the photokina Business Forum Imaging conference in Cologne and discussions with quite a few of the assembled photo print product providers there, we see many opportunities for leveraging AR for printed photo products,” he writes. “In fact, virtually every of the 20 AR solutions categories that we identified in our study could be adapted in some fashion by innovative photo print product developers.”

Hartman identified three examples of how AR could be applied to specific photo print use cases:

  1. AR could add content to meaningful photo moments, enhancing their “printworthiness.”
  2. AR can currently be used to bring embedded videos to life in prints (like Live Portrait), but why not add embed content like “virtual pets, holograms, maps, live comments, filters, you name it?”
  3. AR can show what a printed photo product will look like in its intended environment. “[If] you sell wall décor photo products, why not make it easy for customers to view this product hanging exactly where they want it in their living room? Or make product design changes based on how it looks hanging there on the wall? “


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