Benefits of becoming a Google Trusted Photographer

Images are compelling, and they bring you to a lot of places. Google steps up its game by having certified Google photographers that catch street views in any corner of the globe. These images are vital for tourists who want to have a more in-depth view of an area.

There are many benefits if you want to become a Google certified photographer. You have the chance to become an expert at Google-specific photos. You also get the chance to have a job where you are your own boss and earn substantially from it. Google street views are much needed by people all over the globe who want to learn more about a place better. Let you and your camera be their digital guide as digital tourists browse through photos online.

Earning the Right to Be a Google Trusted Photographer

Becoming a Google trusted photographer is quite simple; all you need are some skills in photography and a 360-degree capable camera. One such camera is the Ricoh Theta. Google expects you to become a certified photographer if you fulfill a certain number of photos. You have to publish 50 360 view photos on Google’s street view app that are excellent views of a place. You can find out more about how to become a Google trusted photographer by clicking here.

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a Google trusted photographer:

  1. You get to have a competitive advantage

As a Google trusted photographer, you have an edge among the rest. There are many photographers in an area, but only a few can claim that they are Google trusted photographers. For example, in Pennsylvania, there are 6600 photographers who operate in a professional capacity. However, only 22 of them are certified, Google photographers. Imagine all the clients you can have who may want to have their business have a prominent presence in Google and SEO. They will definitely need your services because, unlike other professionals taking photos, you have experience with Google street views and the kinds of photos that are accepted and will stand out in its system.

  1. SEO advantage

Google is the top-ranking search engine out there. Many people rely on Google to discover places, services, and products that are far and near. If people hire you as a Google trusted photographer, you can help their business. You can significantly bump up their SEO and help your clients get top rankings. A Google certified photo is not just any other photo. It conforms to technical and professional standards that make it better appreciated by Google’s algorithm and the human user. Businesses who use your services will especially benefit in local SEO searches.

  1. Google recommends you to clients

You will get to have Google recommend you to clients and to anyone who needs virtual tours. Google’s recommendation will give you a boost in your professional presence on the internet. Businesses who need a photographer can easily track you because Google provides them with your professional websites and contact information. For local businesses, you will be listed under your specific state. Google gives you free access to clients because they will index your services

  1. Free Hosting Services

Your images need to be hosted somewhere when you upload them. As a Google trusted photographer, you have the right to have free hosting through Google. If you are not GTP certified, you will need to do hosting services on your own. Being GTP certified, you can use Google web hosting services for free. This will vastly reduce the cost of some of the services you use. Your virtual tours are ensured to be hosted in one of the most reliable servers out there. You will have fewer complications and fees associated with hosting images on your own.

  1. Free Software

When you use photographs and images, you will naturally need to edit them to correct any error and enhance them. Being GTP certified gives you access to Google’s Pano software. Image editors can run up to hundreds of dollars, but Google will give you free access to an image editing software. Pano editor is efficient and free, and you don’t have to pay for any special software

Final Thoughts

Distances are being bridged more and more in the era of the internet. GTP gives the benefit of showing what a place looks like. Because of photographs, people will have an idea of what to expect from a place. They will be able to imagine the experiences they can potentially have. Google creates virtual tours via Google trusted photographers and makes information clearer.