Canon debuts wide-format printers, cutter and software combo

imagePROGRAF PRO-4100

Canon U.S.A., Inc. announced the new imagePROGRAF PRO Series large-format printers – PRO-6100, PRO-4100, PRO-2100, PRO-6100S and PRO-4100S models – for fine art, photographers and production signage users.

Canon says these new printers feature a “first-of-its-kind” intelligent automatic media feeding and media reading system, which allows the operator to move away from the printer after placing the roll in the machine, removing the need to feed the roll or select the media type. After the roll is loaded into the machine the media is automatically fed while the built in multi-sensor measures the surface reflection and media thickness to identify the media type. The device features a new technology in which it can automatically detect the media length as well, without the need to print a barcode as with Canon’s previous devices and as with current third-party devices. These new models also have the ability to print borderless on all standard and custom widths, an ideal time and cost-savings feature built to benefit print professionals.

“Print has the ability to bring ideas to life, and Canon is happy to provide its customers with the ability to do so more efficiently through the new imagePROGRAF PRO Series,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc.  “Utilizing Canon’s intelligent media feeding and reading system, our customers can now spend more time exploring their creativity, and less time having to deal with the manual hassle of feeding rolls into the machine.”

The new PRO Series has an intuitive, upgraded 4.3-inch touch-screen operation panel, providing users with better operability and visibility. For added usability, the three main functions – media switching, feeding, and cutting – are conveniently hard buttons on the front of the product’s interface to contribute to better media handling and save users the hassle of having to navigate through multiple functions.

The new PRO Series also includes as standard a wide variety of creative and workflow software to help increase the productivity and efficiency of large-format printing environments. These software features include Professional Print & Layout, which supports auto nesting and achieves a streamlined workflow for printing photos, providing customers with the ability to create and save custom template designs, which is ideal for wedding packages, and Direct Print & Share, allowing production end-users to batch print files and create hot folders for drag-and-drop printing.

“The imagePROGRAF PRO-2100 printer has the great color and density we expected from Canon and the new borderless printing feature has increased our productivity while cutting waste” said Larry Hook, director, Cashman Pro Lab. “This cost-effective solution offers our users the high-quality prints they desire while being a solution that is easy for employees to operate. We look forward to purchasing another printer in the near future to keep up with our print demands.”

Canon adds Graphtec Cutters with Colorbyte software

In other Canon news, the company announced the addition of Graphtec Cutters with Colorbyte software. When combined with an imagePROGRAF large-format printer, the company claims these products become an affordable, easy-to-use large-format contour and cut system built to help fine art and printing professionals strengthen their business and product portfolio.

“The Graphtec Cutter with Colorbyte Software would be a great addition to any print shop because it is easy to use and makes die-cutting a simple process,” said Liz Campo, East Bay Printing & Copying. “For small print shops, this solution is ideal as it streamlines productivity and expands business offerings through its ability to cut and produce high-quality prints with ease and efficiency.”

The synergy between these products provides customers the ability to create a finished product through a seamless workflow that starts with an intuitive, creative, custom layout software, says Canon. After pairing with an imagePROGRAF series large-format device, users simply place the print into the cutter where it will automatically cut. This combination of products will help a large variety of large-format professionals open up the possibilities to generate new types of merchandise.

“We are excited to support our customers by providing an opportunity to bundle Canon’s successful line of high-quality large-format imagePROGRAF solutions with two innovative third-party companies, Graphtec and Colorbyte Software,” said Shinichi Yoshida executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “This solution provides large-format professionals with a system that allows them to fulfill a variety of printing needs, potentially building their business portfolios and support business growth.

With two Graphtec Cutters sizes available to choose from, a 24-inch tabletop model and a 48-inch model with stand, users can pick the one that suits their printing environment. The 24-inch model offers those in smaller working spaces the flexibility to add a low-cost, compact solution, while the 48-inch model provides larger working environments with a solution that streamlines workflow and productivity.