Canon unveils enhanced PRISMA Home v1.5 Cloud Portal

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Canon U.S.A. Inc. launched the revamped PRISMA Home v1.5 portal for accessing and managing PRISMA cloud-based applications. This update offers enhanced features and tools designed to empower Canon production printing and large format customers to help optimize access to their workflow processes and print production solutions.

PRISMA Home serves as a centralized hub for cloud-based PRISMA workflow applications and tools that customers can easily access and implement. PRISMA Home v1.5 expands the ease of on-boarding as customers can now self-activate the freemium applications and initiate 90-day trials for certain paid subscriptions.

Key Features of PRISMA Home v1.5:

  • Enhanced Interface: When customers log into PRISMA Home, their portal displays all the supported PRISMA Home applications which include PRISMAlytics Dashboard, PRISMAlytics Accounting, PRISMAcolor Manager, PRISMAprepare Go and connectivity to PRISMAremote Monitoring. In addition, customers can even add certain Canon and non-Canon web-based applications to their PRISMA Home screen so their staff can have centralized access to their frequently used applications.
  • Streamlined Engagement: PRISMA Home v 1.5 makes it easier for customers to unlock the benefits of freemium applications and tools and activate 3-month trials of certain premium options.

In addition to PRISMA Home v 1.5, the following applications* have the following updates:

  • New Composition option: PRISMAprepare Go v1.2 now includes a new Composition option that supports document and page level editing of the PDF print files.
  • Expanded Printer Support: PRISMAlytics Dashboard v2.0 now supports imagePRESS driven by PRISMAsync, imagePRESS Server (Fiery), Canon PDL, varioPRINT, ColorStream, ProStream and imagePROGRAF large format printers.

Applications that can be accessed in PRISMA Home v1.5, including PRISMAlytics Dashboard, PRISMAlytics Accounting, and PRISMAprepare Go, and PRISMAcolor Manager are designed for easy customer self-deployment.