Canva teams up with Snap Print & Design, Australia’s print franchise network

Canva, the fast-growing graphic design platform based in Australia, has inked a collaboration with Snap Print & Design, Australia’s largest print franchise network. The collaboration will combine Canva’s drag-and-drop design interface with Snap Print and Design’s expertise in print and production.

“This desire to continually offer the greatest value for our customers has been firmly embedded into the Snap DNA since our early beginnings in 1899,” says Sonia Shwabsky, CGO, Snap. “Deeply passionate about the printing craft, our founders were disruptors and innovators in their own right, and the first ones to bring digital printing to the masses in Australia.

“As the Snap business moves towards providing a comprehensive ecommerce solution for its printing services, the collaboration with Canva supercharges the design phase, delivering a seamless digital design experience for our online community.  Canva has truly empowered the world of design, and we’re excited to be partnering Snap’s national network of printing experts with the best design software in the world.”

“We’re thrilled to bring the power and simplicity of Canva to Snap Print and Design customers across Australia,” said Aaron Day, Global Partnerships Lead. “Our partnership combines the depth and variety of Canva’s design and content library with the reach and expertise of the 132 Snap Print and Design Centres across Australia, empowering and supporting their customers to create and communicate with ease.”

Canva has partnered with numerous large printers including FedEx Office and OfficeDepot, offering its content library filled with images, videos and templates. to companies providing a creative platform to their customers. Canva’s Aaron Day was featured on the Dead Pixels Society podcast in August, sharing the company’s ambitious plans to “empower our partners to give the power of the Canva design tool to their clients and hopefully we see a very nice uptick in print sales for our partners. That’s our goal.”

Valued at $6 billion, Sydney-based Canva is considered to Australia’s most valuable private tech company.