Capture 360 with iPhone – Fusion Lens is available on Indiegogo

Capture 360 with iPhone cameras – Fusion Lens is available on Indiegogo

Fusion Lens 360 lensSAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Available today at Indiegogo, a TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield startup – Spincle team just announced a new optical accessory for iPhone that enables you to shoot 360 with 6K image quality at the price starting from $39. It is a breakthrough in 360 photography which the price is drastically reduced comparing to existing 360 devices on the market.

It’s innovative in the way that you don’t have to buy a 360 camera in order to shoot 360 images. Fusion Lens is the world’s first optical lens to empower an iPhone to capture everything. The user- and eco-friendly product will fully utilise your iPhone cameras – the things you already have in your pocket.

Simply snap it on. Upgrade your iPhone to an awesome 360 camera.

Feature highlight:

iPhone Clip-on lens
Fusion Lens is a 360-degree clip-on lens for iPhone

Looking for a causal selfie in 360? A group photo that no one to miss out? Fusion Lens is here for you to capture every precious moment.

Grab and go: No battery-charging hassle, lightweight design.

Snap on and shoot: No connection hassle in searching for wifi or Bluetooth.

High image quality: 6K resolution from dual HD camera of your iPhone.

How it works? Magic between the lens and the app.

Once you snap Fusion Lens on your iPhone, the lens system precisely aligns with your iPhone cameras. Using the native front and rear cameras of an iPhone, Fusion Lens introduces ultra-wide range of light ray to hit your iPhone camera CMOS. It enables an iPhone camera to have over 180-degree field of view each side. By using both cameras, your iPhone is empowered to collect all the details from 360 surroundings.

With a single touch on Fusion App, the app captures images from both cameras and instantly stitches two separate images into a 360 photo in real-time. The fast processing app brings you an instant 360 images which is ready for social sharing and virtual reality experience.

Because you already have the best HD cameras in your pocket, the image quality reaches 6K resolution – an outstanding standard among 360 photography. Since both cameras have different resolutions, exposures and focuses. The app will adjust the images based on its algorithm to bring the best image result to users.

Pre-order on Indiegogo

Pre-order opens for 30-day until 12 Dec on Indiegogo, available for iPhone 7 and 8 series (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus). Please visit for pre-order and product info.

iPhone X and Android version will be coming soon, please subscribe at to get notified of iPhone X and Android version launch.

About Fusion Lens

Fusion Lens is developed by NoMatterWhat Technologies. In the past 4 years, the team specializes in computer vision and optical engineering in 360 photography. Before Fusion Lens, the team has launched Spincle app at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield SF in 2016, Spincle is a free camera app that captures 360 mini video with high stitching quality and stunning stereoscopic 3D in virtual reality. The app has helped over 200,000 users in creating 360 contents globally.

Evolved from Spincle app, the passionate team developed Fusion Lens envisioning to create the simplest and most costless tool to let everyone capture their 360 moment on their smartphones – the thing they already have without buying an extra devices.