CYME launches FindMySnap personal image search app

CYME unveiled a personal image search enging app for iPhone: FindMySnap, finds any image based on a simple description or theme.

“FindMySnap is more than just a photo search engine; it’s a tool that restores the pleasure of exploring your images,” said Claudia Zimmer, CEO at CYME. “Our technology not only transforms photographic chaos into a curated selection of images, but it also offers inspiring themes for organizing these photos. FindMySnap helps us rediscover our own photos!”

Integrated with Apple Photos, FindMySnap employs advanced artificial intelligence to analyze each photograph’s content. Key features of the app include:

  • Search by description: From a simple description, the app displays the best results found among photos.
  • Search by random themes: With more than 1,000 themes to categorize photos, users can make unexpected photographic discoveries and unveil forgotten pictures with themes like “Adventure Photography,” “Fun Time,” and many more, the company said.
  • Photo collage creation: FindMySnap turns photos from a theme or search into a grid of images to share on social networks. These collages, crafted from a refined photo selection, can also be saved within the app.
  • Sharing on Social Network: Users can easily share their collages using the iPhone’s familiar sharing options. Additionally, they can share the search terms used to challenge friends with a specific theme.
  • Deleting photos: The app makes it easy to review and declutter the photo library by deleting duplicates or uninteresting photos directly within Apple® Photos.
  • Saving in Apple Photos: FindMySnap seamlessly syncs with Apple Photos, allowing users to bookmark a favorite image or create Apple Photos albums from a selected group of pictures.
  • Privacy protection: FindMySnap ensures privacy by using on-device artificial intelligence; the photos are analyzed locally and kept private.

The FindMySnap free version allows users to analyze and classify up to 5,000 photos and displays a maximum of 9 photos per search. Subscriptions start at $1.99 per month. There’s also an annual option available for $6.99, which works out to only about $0.58 per month.