dm offers a new range of photo calendars through allcop

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Allcop GmbH & Co. KG announced it now producing a photo calendar for dm, building on the 15-year relationship producing its own photo book brand Paradies-Fotobuch for the large German drug chain. At, the online shop for individual photo items from dm, users can order Paradies photo calendars either online or using the ordering software.

“We are very pleased that we have been able to deepen our years of trusting cooperation with our own brand Paradies photo calendar and that they have placed their trust in us in this product area as well,” says Andreas Schätzle, Chief Commercial Officer at allcop, describing the innovation. In addition to software, marketing support, production, and logistics, allcop also offers customer service for its brand products. The brand launch was accompanied by major investments in the production areas at allcop, which took half a year to complete.

“We have strengthened our digital printing capacities and the area of ​​further processing with new machines and rethought processes,” said Schätzle. 

“We want to offer our customers a relevant product range,” says Lena Ehinger, photo range manager at dm. “With the Paradies photo calendars you get another design option for your personal memories and at the usual low price at dm.”