EyeQ announces iAuto 2021 updates improve contrast and skin tones

EyeQ iAuto 2021 before and after

EyeQ, the maker of the Perfectly Clear suite of image-enhancement tools, announced iAuto 2021. The new version offers enhancements to color, to contrast and to sharpening. According to EyeQ, iAuto 2021 features:

  • Crisper images with a new sharpening algorithm. This is specifically designed to improve printed pictures.
  • Greater depth and punch with a Super Contrast option. This option can be turned on or off, and is designed to improve flat-looking portraits and landscapes.
  • Automatic skin-tone correction has greater accuracy, which can be customized for different geographic areas. Previously, a photo brightened to improve exposure could skew skin tones overly red; this update corrects for that. iAuto Asia has been developed in conjunction with Asian customers.
  • Improved depth and details in highlights
  • Automatic detection of clip art and stickers.

The new iAuto 2021 is now available as part of the SDK Version 9 release and as part of QuickDesk and QuickServer. For more information, visit eyeq.photos/business/iauto-2021