Fine Art Startup Maireann making art collections more available

Maireann, a New York-based Fine Art marketplace selling signed and limited edition prints, launched on Aug. 15, 2020. The fine-art prints are targeted at consumers looking to purchase high-value art but cannot afford outrageously-expensive collection, the company says. The company is currently

“Maireann helps photographers survive and make a living, especially during these trying times,” says Freddie Leiba, creative director.  “I’ve seen many photographers struggle to find a good marketplace to sell to art collectors. Maireann helps solve this problem.”

Maireann says it accomplishes lowering the cost of art to the consumer by offering a majority of the sales price to the artist and keeping a low percentage of each print sold in comparison to other marketplaces, the company says. Maireann even offers free shipping on all orders $200 and above.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Maireann to sell my photography,” added photographer Mario De La Isla, a veteran National Geographic photographer. “Previously, I’ve struggled to find buyers who would appreciate my limited-edition prints. But with the help of Maireann, I’m able to focus more on creating art than worrying about selling my work.”