Drone-on-Demand service launches

Aquiline drones app

More and more “products” are becoming “services.” As we’ve covered in the past, for example, Glossy Finish builds its business around “photography as a service” rather than selling images or downloads. Companies are now offering camera hardware as a service, through renting.

Now a startup named Aquiline Drones will soon be offering a “drone-on-demand” mobile app for those who want on-call service. Simply order a drone (and pilot) through the app.

“Many individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, public works departments, and the military are missing out on the invaluable data collection capabilities of drones because they lack the resources for an in-house drone operation,” explains Barry Alexander, CEO, and founder of Aquiline Drones. “Akin to Uber and Lyft, individuals and businesses can now enjoy the luxury and convenience of ordering both private and commercial drone services right from their fingertips. A modern-day convenience everyone should have!”

The DoD app will be accessible through smartphones and tablets. The user may order aerial photography and videography services for industrial activities like utility inspections (power lines, wind turbines, bridges, tunnels, railroad tracks, etc.) outdoor events, real estate, safety patrol, search and rescue missions, precision farming, tracking wildlife, beach patrol for spotting sharks and countless other applications.

“Beyond simple viewing and camera capabilities, the drones manufactured and deployed by Aquiline Drones are managed and supported by the world’s first aviation-inspired drone cloud that gathers, analyzes, models and stores data and video,” says Alexander. “Additionally, as a drone airline committed to safety, our drone-on-demand service was designed to elevate the safety standard, fostering a more responsible introduction and use of drones in society.”

Alexander notes drones are difficult to control; Aquiline says it addresses these issues comfortably and utilizes artificial intelligence to essentially remove the risk of hardware loss and liability from bad piloting associated with consumer drone ownership, as well as providing training for its own pilots.

AD is one of four drone airline companies in America but says it is the only one privately owned by professional aviators.