Flickr, SmugMug, announces $2,500 grant for Black Women Photographers

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Flickr, in joint partnership with SmugMug, announced a new grant with the Black Women Photographers collective (BWP) to advance recipient’s photography practice.

Flickr, in joint partnership with SmugMug, announced a new grant with the Black Women Photographers collective (BWP) to celebrate the community’s three-year anniversary.

This grant includes a fund of $2,500, dedicated to advancing the recipient’s photography practice, coupled with a two-year Flickr Pro membership and a one-year SmugMug Pro subscription. Additionally, 10  recipients will receive a one-year Flickr Pro membership and a one-year SmugMug Pro subscription.

“We are thrilled once again to support Black Women Photographers. Their mission to provide a platform for Black women and non-binary photographers aligns with our core values, and we believe it’s essential to ensure those stories and perspectives are shared with the world,” said Scott Kinzie, VP of Marketing at Awesome, the parent company of Flickr and SmugMug. “We’re honored to support them in ways that will help enhance their reach, amplify their impact, and further their mission.”

A panel of judges for the grant has been assembled: Polly Irungu, the founder of BWP; Edwina Hay, a member of both BWP and Flickr since 2004; MacKenzie Joslin from the Flickr Community team; Alastair Jolly, SmugMug’s Senior Global Brand Manager & Head of Ambassador Relations; and Frederick Van Johnson from This Week in Photo.

“Community is core to the work and identity of BWP, so I’m honored to partner with a brand that has been fostering that from day one,” says Irungu. “Flickr has poured back into their community countless times, and I am excited for them to pour into the BWP community with this grant opportunity.”

How To Apply

To be eligible for the grant, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Be a member of the Black Women Photographers community

Submit a photo aligned with the theme of “Light in Motion” to the Black Women Photographers group on Flickr

Explain why the photo you chose stands out to you.

Be an active Flickr member (completing the above step fulfills this requirement!)

Applications for this grant will close on Oct. 6, 2023.