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Foolography to release ENTAGGED system in second quarter

Foolography ENTAGGED app

Foolography GmbH has announced the second-quarter release of its ENTAGGED system, which will embed a barcode number into photo metadata taken with a DSLR the second the shutter is pressed. That way you can associate objects or people with a certain photo.

The company now has four models, compatible with almost all Canon and Nikon cameras and have circumvented the patent that previously stopped the company from selling in the US or Canada, the company said. We now write the barcodes directly to the comment, copyright or artist fields, depending on what the camera allows.
The OPN2006 barcode scanner is now optional. ENTAGGED comes with a free app for iOS and for Android for scanning barcodes, as well as for configuring the ENTAGGED.
Foolography ENTAGGED with hand scanner

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