From Shutter to Startup: The Journey of Turning Photography into a Business with Dave Herring

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Prepare to unlock the mysteries of transforming a passion for photography into a thriving business with guest Dave Herring. In this interview with Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society, Herring unfolds his narrative, detailing his pivot from nonprofit pursuits to the bustling freelance photography scene. He shares the mechanics of establishing a photography business, the art of diversifying one’s creative portfolio, and the dance of forging partnerships with tourism boards for travel photography. Herring’s tale isn’t just about the perfect shot; it’s a masterclass in the subtle blend of still and video, propelled by innovative tools that cater to the hybrid demands of today’s visual storytelling.

Herring discusses the mind of a creator, where structure begets freedom, guided by the wisdom found in the classic book “The E-Myth Revisited.” In this interview, he shares insights into evading the snares of creative burnout, drawing on the profound teachings of thought leaders like Patrick Lencioni and Dr. Henry Cloud.