Gooten launches OrderMesh order-management platform

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Gooten launched OrderMesh, a specialized order management platform designed for on-demand production, designed to support retailers, marketplaces, manufacturers, and eCommerce brands as they broaden their product offerings, streamline order processing, and substantially reduce the operational complexities and costs of a made-on-demand supply chain.

The Gooten team built OrderMesh to help retailers tap into the power of on-demand production, reducing their inventory risk and overhead, the company. Additional benefits of the platform include improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics through optimized order routing. Brands using OrderMesh can optimize for speed of product delivery, cost, and fulfillment standards as they distribute volumes across a network of production facilities. Since launching with Gooten’s OrderMesh platform, a major global retailer has achieved 38% year-over-year revenue growth while rapidly adding new products, accounting for an additional 15-25% growth over two years, the company said. These results highlight OrderMesh’s key benefits, including the ability to rapidly add new products and production facilities, optimize global order routing, and manage millions of potential SKU combinations, all in a print-on-demand production environment.

“The Gooten team has managed a global print-on-demand supply chain for the past ten years. We know firsthand the challenges and complexities that come with navigating this rapidly evolving industry and how unsuited traditional order management technology is for our space,” says Maddy Alcala, President. “The Gooten team has combined its deep understanding of this emerging industry with our comprehensive expertise in traditional retail OMS technology to create an enterprise-grade software platform for the world’s largest brands. We are thrilled to launch OrderMesh to the market and continue to innovate alongside the largest names in retail and production in the pursuit of customer delight.”

The software development team behind Gooten’s OrderMesh has decades of experience building high-performing, resilient, and feature-rich enterprise-grade platforms. Gooten’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, Nelson Flores, was a key executive in the ideation and development of Shopatron, now known as Kibo Commerce, an eCommerce and order management leader in the most recent Forrester Wave. Nelson still holds multiple patents stemming from his work at Shopatron and has brought his rich experience from retail and eCommerce fulfillment software to building cloud-native multi-tenant SaaS software at Gooten.