Hauwei, CEWE team up to offer simple photo printing from mobile

Hueawei share and CEWE photo stations

Huawei announced it is working with Europe’s leading photo printing company, CEWE, to bring photo printing to Hauwei’s cross-device connection solution, Huawei Share. The partnership is expected to culminate with the development of a unique intelligent printing experience, characterized by smart connectivity, high-speed transmission, intelligent collaboration, and the seamless flow of content, the company said in a press release.

Huawei Share simplifies device discovery and pairing, enabling CEWE photo print stations and Huawei devices to transfer data securely, and at lightning-fast speeds. Huawei Share provides for high-speed wireless transmission, streamlined connections, intelligent collaboration, and nearly instant projection, between near-field devices, according to the company. Without the need for network access, Huawei Share detects supporting devices through Bluetooth, and then transmits, shares, or projects the content via a direct connection.

“Huawei Share revolutionizes connectivity by facilitating convenient, efficient short-range transmission and sharing between devices,” saiys Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group. “Huawei will work tirelessly to empower developers and partners through relentlessly technological innovation, and work with them to deliver all-scenario intelligence for global consumers.”

For a link to the demo, see below: