How to conquer niche markets with personalization

Conquering niche markets

With the advent of marketing and product personalization, many businesses are wondering about how to conquer niche markets that have usurped the mass market. Consumers now expect their online shopping experience to be customized from beginning to end. The photography market has always lead the way in this regard, as every printed photo is a unique personalized document.

Photo printing technologies, however, have expanded beyond memories and have opened up new opportunities in distinct vertical markets. New dye-sublimation printers, for example, can print on objects up to 11 inches in height, opening new avenues for dimensional printing on balls, on wood and other items. Here are some of the now-available niche markets for personalized products:

Gifts and Accessories – A great example of a premium retailer for personalized products that successfully addresses the phone case niche from that category is KaseMe with an unseen range of selection. Personalization opportunities for gifts & accessories are endless and will get Millennials hooked; not only would they get to display their self-branding on their clothing, on calendars, on computer skins, on mugs, on dishes, and so on…

Weddings and parties – Most photographic expenditures related to a wedding are conducted during and after the event. Now, with personalized photo products, the opportunity starts with the engagement announcement. Couples are sending out personalized save-the-date cards and invitations, and are even opting for customized decorations for their big day.

Home Decor – The desire to personalize your living space has carved such a deep niche for itself that you’ll find it everywhere from Inkifi Wall Art to Louis Vuitton’s Haute décor shelves. Novel trends still have their role, but mood and personality have dominated this segment for years.

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