Huggler goes online with Printbox platform

KRAKOW, POLAND – Photo Products Online Software Provider, Printbox, has announced the partnership with Huggler.
The partnership will combine Huggler’s expertise in printing with Printbox’s leading technologies to deliver solutions for today’s increasing photo products demand.

Huggler has invested in a new photo commerce platform from the software developer, Printbox. The new online offering replaces the previous dedicated version and is already deployed at Huggler’s new and improved website.

Huggler’s print history goes 50 years back, but the brand connected to photo products was founded in November 2010, providing the highest quality printing service possible, using state of the art equipment by an experienced and qualified team. Serving customers in 79 countries around the world, Huggler is using the most advanced digital presses.

Printbox’s main aim was to make the cooperation between companies more efficient and flexible than having a dedicated development team. That approach allowed Printbox to realize customer’s vision much faster. Software provider can meet Huggler needs without limiting it. And that is extremely satisfying to both parties.

Huggler’s Sales Manager, Matthias Genetzke says:

Working together with Printbox has been incredible so far. Having their knowledgeable staff on hand whenever needed has really made a difference. Their product is not only extremely sophisticated and versatile, it is continuously being improved and updated. Perfect for a company like ours, which always wants to stay one step ahead of the game!

Michał Czaicki adds:

We’re thrilled to have Huggler on board as another new Printbox customer and I’m sure that the mix of their experience in B2C and our technology will result with a prosperous, long-term partnership.

About Printbox

Printbox is a global SaaS company providing a ready-to-sell Photo Product Online Software, which excels in generating the highest sales with minimal effort from the partner’s side. The company delivers a complete package containing:

  1. Ready-to-go e-commerce, which will work on the customer’s domain with their own branding.
  2. Beautiful editors optimized for each different photo product to sell photobooks, calendars, invitations or canvases.
  3. Production module which prepares print-ready files.
  4. Dedicated native mobile apps.

With Printbox, the customer only needs to focus on marketing and his internal production. The company helps to craft and tailor perfect sales processes for all products, handle hosting, administration and maintenance. And above all, Printbox puts the customer in a car which constantly moves forward. The team of 20+ engineering experts develop the platform and the customer gets all the updates without downtimes and without involvement on his end.