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i/o Trak pivots to emphasize photo scanner rental

Photo scanning leader E-Z Photo Scan to focus on growing rental market

Wednesday, March 21, 2018, Altamonte Springs, FL – i/o Trak, Inc. has announced the closing of its photo scanner equipment sales, as of April 1, 2018, to focus on its growing rental business. i/oTrak formed its E-Z Photo Scan group and began offering KODAK’s best-in-class Picture Saver Scanning System for purchase in 2013.

“The decision to withdraw from this part of the photo-imaging market will allow i/oTrak to direct its resources to our fast-growing specialty picture-scanner rental business,” says Richard “Rick” Lippert, president of i/oTrak. “The way Generation X and Millennials are rapidly changing how they think about digitizing the printed photo collections they are inheriting from their Baby Boomer parents. Transforming photographic treasures of yesterday is more of a one-and-done project for them. So, the idea of taking on the scanning challenge as a DIY project and simply renting a photo scanner is appealing to this Uber-mindset group.”

i/o Trak has offered the RENT2SCAN package to hundreds of satisfied customers. The package includes all the necessary components to scan thousands of prints or slides in a weekend.

The E-Z Photo Scan group has actively engaged in the promotion of transforming personal photos, or 35mm slides into digital treasures. The company has worked with community centers, historical societies, museums, private collectors, professional photo organizers, and individuals throughout the United States and Canada supplying equipment and has conducted hundreds of free photo scanning events. Nearly one-quarter billion precious photos have been transformed into digital treasures using equipment sold by i/oTrak, or offered at scanning events.

About i/o Trak

i/o Trak, has made an art of managing and transforming paper documents into digital ones, since 1995. The company has expertise in scanning highly content-sensitive documents from healthcare facilities, human-resource departments, legal and accounting firms.
i/o Trak has been recognized as a global leader in the sales of KODAK Picture Saver Scanning Systems, manufactured by Kodak Alaris and marketed through its E-Z Photo Scan group over the past 4 consecutive years.

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