Imagely launches automated print fulfillment for WordPress via WHCC

Imagely, the leading provider of WordPress products and services for photographers, now offers print lab integration.

Imagely’s automated print service will be a feature of NextGEN Gallery Pro, a premium extension for NextGEN Gallery. NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Pro are currently active on nearly one million websites.

Using NextGEN Pro, photographers can already sell manual prints and digital downloads. Now, print orders can be fulfilled and shipped automatically to customers through WHCC, one of the leading US print labs.

“Many photographers operate two websites,” says Erick Danzer, founder and CEO of Imagely. “They run a main website or blog on WordPress, but do print sales elsewhere. Print lab integration is necessary because automatic print fulfillment has not previously been possible on WordPress, even though WordPress runs 30% of all websites. That’s now changed. Photographers will now be able to do everything they need using WordPress.”

The release of print lab integration comes with other improvements to NextGEN Pro’s gallery and ecommerce system, including automated sales tax calculations with TaxJar, gorgeous new gallery displays, better pricelist management, improved back end user interface, and more.

Initially, automated print deliveries will be limited to the United States and Canada, though Imagely expects to expand the service globally.


Imagely is the leading provider of WordPress products and services for photographers. Imagely’s products are active on nearly one million websites.