Imaging Solutions acquires major share in Xpozer

Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) in Switzerland has acquired a major share in the Dutch company Xpozer for a strategic partnership. Xpozer offers a patented mounting system for easily hanging and switching poster-size prints. The mounting system has a unique tensioning technology to keep the photo prints perfectly flat while giving a clean presentation without any borders or frames.

Currently, Xpozer sells the mounting systems in the Netherlands and the United States under the brand name Xpozer directly to consumers, professionals, and businesses. With this partnership, Xpozer and ISAG will bring this technology globally available for photo labs and the printing industry as a white-label product. This means that printing companies can purchase mounting systems and printing media and sell this to their customers. As an alternative, a printed version will be offered as a fulfillment API connection to Xpozers print network.s.

“At ISAG, we are committed to offering our customers the best possible products and experiences,” said Anthony Pieters. “We are very excited to be working with Xpozer and offering their products to our customers. Their cutting- edge photo display technology matches the quality of ISAG and is the perfect alternative for metal prints with economic shipping and the option for switching it easily. We are confident that together, we will be able to provide our customers with some truly exceptional wall decoration products. And with the help of Xpozer, we are confident that our new wall decoration products will bring success to our lab and professional customers.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ISAG and bringing our perfectly flat mounting system technology to more customers worldwide,” said Clemens van Os, CEO and co-founder of Xpozer. “ISAG’s expertise in canvas, bookbinding and finishing techniques and their contacts to central production labs will be invaluable in helping us to create high-quality wall decoration products that are built to last. It will make us focus on expanding our print network to allow third parties via an API and developing new photo products.”

ISAG and Xpozer will begin working on the new product line immediately, with the goal of launching the first products as of January 2023. Customers can expect a wide range of options, from standard sizes to custom-made sizes, with non-branded frames and print media. The print media will get an option for a custom branded back-print.