IMG.LY introduces plugin system for CE.SDK

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

IMG.LY, introduce a brand-new Plugin system for CE.SDK to make feature development much easier, adding one-click features like background removal or vectorizers, smart design tools like QR codes or subtitle generators, and deeply interactive features like generative AI for text and images. The plugins offer three concepts:

Customizable Menu Bars
The company extended API so it allows easy hooking into various parts of the UI, the company said. The editor has key components like the inspector, toolbar, and on-canvas menu. These are now all accessible through an API.

Easily hook your features anywhere in the editor.

UI Building Blocks to Provide Consistency
To reach a high level of consistency and speed up time for development, IMG.LY will be provide out-of-the-box UI components such as buttons, sliders, text inputs, etc.

Escape Hatches
IMG.LY has added escape hatches to add custom elements via HTML whenever needed.

IMG.LY‘s Eray Basar was a recent guest on the Dead Pixels Society podcast. In the conversation below, he shares IMG.LY’s importance of adaptable business models, the advantages of an agency’s perspective in product creation, and the art of learning from your audience to spearhead product innovation.