Launching a film processor, with Gary Wong, FilmNeverDie

Gary Pageau talks with Gary Wong, co-founder of FilmNeverDie, a professional lab in Australia. As the film processing business continues, there’s a growing need for replacement processing equipment. Wong’s company developed its own rotary film processor, the CP800, first as a Kickstarter project and then as a product to sell. In this interview, Wong talks about the business, why they chose to build a film processor, and what it takes to build a film-oriented photo business.

FilmNeverDie, established in 2011, is a professional photo lab and retail store based in Melbourne, Australia, with sister stores located in Malaysia and China. Our creative team is united by one passion – film photography. Fostering the film community is their reason for being, offering monthly photo walks, black-and-white developing courses & professional photographer seminars.