Lifetouch announces winners of “America’s Yearbook” contest

America’s Yearbook

National school photography company Lifetouch celebrates National Yearbook Week with the unveiling of America’s Yearbook, a digital display of more than 5,300 user-submitted school pictures from the past nine decades.

“Lifetouch is all about memorializing and cataloging these formative years in students’ lives – there is no better time capsule than a school picture,” said Stephanie Schmid, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising at Lifetouch. “We hope that looking at this compilation of throwback outfits, iconic hairstyles and facial expressions teaming with unbridled personality will put a smile on people’s faces, especially during this particularly unique time for us all.”

To further celebrate National Yearbook Week, Lifetouch congratulates the five Grand Prize winners of the America’s Yearbook sweepstakes. The five winners will receive free school pictures and supplies for the schools of their choosing. They include:

  • Lisa Darretta, benefiting Meeting Hill House School in New Fairfield, CT
  • Jonah Kopriva, benefiting Sherwood High School in Creighton, MO
  • Alix Forte, benefiting Double Churches Elementary School in Columbus, GA
  • Sebastian Singlar, benefiting Brecknock Elementary School in Mohnton, PA
  • Amy Reith, benefiting Normandale Hills Elementary in Bloomington, MN