Light & Motion introduces StellaPro Reflex, StellaPro Reflex S hybrid lights

StellaPro Reflex

Light & Motion added two hybrid lights to the StellaPro line. StellaPro Reflex and StellaPro Reflex S are the first lights offering continuous LED lighting and Digital Burst. These powerful, versatile lights allow photographers to switch seamlessly between continuous lighting and Digital Burst in real time without any compromise in performance or power. The StellaPro Reflex ($849) and Reflex S ($1,096) are available now.

StellaPro Reflex S

“Reflex is the first portable light, fast and powerful enough to keep up with your camera and the action,” says Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion. “Stills or video, Reflex supports spontaneity without worrying about missing the shot.”

Digital Burst technology is a patented design allowing the StellaPro Reflex S to capture up to 20 perfectly lit frames per second in full-power bursts at any shutter speed without misfiring or overheating, the company says. The flexibility to instantly switch from continuous to Digital Burst and back enables photographers, videographers, and photojournalists to focus on their story, not the gear.

Reflex has an assortment of easy-to-mount light-shaping tools, including bayonet-mounted optics that can deliver up to 43,000 lux at 1 meter, and custom-designed lightweight Chimera speed ring supporting a wide range of softboxes.

“StellaPro Reflex and Reflex S advance lighting technology by expanding the concept of what’s creatively possible,” says Emerson. Reflex’s fast Digital Burst brings certainty to moments that once required luck to capture.”

Reflex is a new category of lighting called Continuous Strobe Hybrid or C.S.H, the company said, adding that Reflex’s robust construction combines a weatherproof enclosure that is drop tested to 1 meter and weighs a mere 1.8 pounds (including battery). Reflex’s swappable battery can produce 15,000 full-power, 5 millisecond (ms) bursts on a single charge. Designed as an off-camera light controlled remotely by Godox or Elinchrom triggers, Reflex also has the flexibility to be powered by 100W USB-C sources.